Talent Show

It’s crazy! My school makes a talent competition.


I have to admit that I wanted to join first. But I think that my voice is not good enough and so I don´t give my cd to the organizer.

That sucks because I love singing!

Well now are holidays. My mom wants to go with me to Hamburg. I think it will be funny but we don´t know what we wanna do there. Maybe I meet David Bonk xP No…that´s just a joke…unfortunately.

I´ll report me.


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Choosing of an language

Hey people out there.
This is my first blog and if I am honestly I don´t know what to write.
And I don´t know in what language. I am from Germany and so it´s easier for me to write in german but english is the language most of the people can understand. So I think I should write in english.
(If you find some mistakes .. just ignore them)
By the way I don´t think that so many people will read this shit. But hey you are one of them and I would be very happy if you leave a comment.


Mike and Chester


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